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Webster County 911 was established in 1995 and is funded by a one third (1/3) of a cent sale tax.  The Board of Directors consists of seven elected members three members from each district of the County commission  and one member at large, such member to be the chairman of the board. Webster County 911 is the Emergency Communications Center (ECC) for the entire county and provides the community with numerous services. We dispatch eleven agencies: six law enforcement agencies and five fire agencies. We are contracted through Cox Health Systems in Springfield for ambulance services in the county. Webster County 911 is also responsible for assigning addresses, road sign maintenance, and criminal justice paperwork from the Circuit Court and Municipal Courts.
Text to 911
The ability to send a “short message”  (SMS) or other text message to 911 call center during an emergency. When using “Text to 911” always give your location first. 911 centers may not be able to get an automatic location when using the text to 911 feature. You should only use text to 911 when you are unable to make a voice call. This feature can be helpful for deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired persons. Use clear words to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

911 Board of Directors:
  • Greg Branstetter – Board Chairman
  • Debra Taylor – North District Member and Vice Chair
  • John Cooper – North District Member and Treasurer
  • Teri Myers - South District Member and Secretary
  • Jeff Summers - North District Member
  • Mark Chamberlain - South District Member
  • Tommy Locke - South District Member